Calendar of Events For You!


  • Steers
    • John Carl, Jessica Lutz
  • Hogs
    • Robert White
  • Commercial Heifers
    • Bobby Corn
  • Breeding Heifers
    • Joe Mask
  • Goats & Lambs
    • Joey Hogan, Jeff Ripley, Monte Dozier
  • Poultry
    • Jane Schneider, Debbier Vajdak
  • Rabbits
    • Megan Mullins
  • Queens
    • Rhonda Payne, Christy Cornelius
  • Visual Arts
    • Kathy Dodd
  • Needlework and Sewing
    • Jana Price. Patricia Russell
  • Photography
    • Michelle Chrane
  • Shop
    • Brad and Dessa Leamon
  • Foods
    • Lisa White
  • Pig Scramble
    • Terri and Ervin Homann

Things to Consider

In order to participate in the fair you must join 4-H, FFA, or FCCLA and attend at least one meeting before January 1st.

All entrants in the Youth Division of the Roberston Couty Fair must be a member of a Robertson County FFA Chapter, Robertson County 4-H Club, or Robertson County FCCLA Chapter. These youth must be in good standing in their chapter or club, 4-H and FFA members must have attended at least one meeting between September 1st and January 1st of the current year.

Clinic and Tag in Dates are updated within this webpage list frequently. Check back to see updates.


Tag In Dates

  • Commercial Heifers
    • October 21st
    • 8-11 AM
    • New Baden Vet Clinic
    Market Steers
    • October 21st
    • 1 PM
    • New Baden Vet Clinic
    Goat and Lambs
    • October 23rd 4-7 PM
    • October 28th 8-10 AM
    • Franklin ISD
    Market Hog
    • December 9th
    • Robertson County Fair Grounds


Clinic Dates & Opportunities

  • Rabbit Clinic
    • Sunday, October 8th
    • 4PM - Robertson County Extension Office
    • Clinic Flyer
  • Holiday Classic
    • November 4th-5th
  • Commercial Heifer
    • November 12th - UPDATE
      • 1:30PM Franklin Church of Christ
    • December 10th
      • 1:30PM Franklin Church of Christ
  • Goat and Lamb
    • January 13th - 9 AM
    • Febuary 24th - 9 AM
  • Hog Clinic (During Tag In)
    • December 9th - 8:30 AM


4H Information

Monitor the Roberston County 4-H events checking the monthly newsletters, emails, or facebook page.

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